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Mar 26, 2021

Could you use more wisdom? James says that we can ask God. But if you're like Mike, often you want to generate wisdom on your own. We think if we read enough books, and even study the bible enough, we can somehow get what we need. When we go to the world for wisdom, it's like washing our clothes in mud. Our environment is broken so our environment can't possibly give us great wisdom. It's broken already.


God is the source of wisdom. And Jesus is the way we see God. Go to him for wisdom. Ask him in prayer, and in his word. and when you're interacting with other Christians. Listen to pastors, search the scripture. Test one thing against another. Every way you can think of to search is valid as long as you're doing it to ask God. He is the source of wisdom.


So if you'd like to be wise today, start asking. Wisdom also comes with time. The best time to ask God for wisdom was years ago. But the second best time to ask him is today! 


Sometimes we also gain wisdom from acting on what God tells us. Often the test precedes the lesson. That's why we do the Marketplace Mission Trips. You can learn more and sign up at