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Follower of One : Missions For The Rest Of Us

A show for marketplace Christians to energize and encourage you to live out your faith every day, right where you are. Begin your day with Christ-centered ideas to share your joy with those around you. Add in weekly interviews with other like-minded Christians so you can share in their joy and learn how they make Jesus visible in their workplace every day.

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Jan 30, 2021

In this week's episode of the Follower of One podcast, Mike talks with Shawn Sommerkamp. Shawn has over 14 years of professional services experience working for companies like GE and is the founder of Motivationeer Christian Coaching. He coaches Christian executives and business owners to make a lasting difference in...

Jan 29, 2021

Is your hope alive? Peter connects Jesus' resurrection to our hope. The fact that Jesus is no longer dead means that our hope is living. Think about the characteristics of a living being. Our hope has life. This isn't a hope that depends on luck, or on the weather. Everything we do is in God and under his domain, his...

Jan 28, 2021

Notice Peter is writing to people who are aliens. What does it mean to be an alien? We're not in our native land or country (or planet). We're from someplace else. In verse 2 we learn where home is for us. 


God the Father selected us for the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit. Think about that. You've been chosen by...

Jan 27, 2021

How confident are you about the future? Paul was confident that God would use the Philippian believers. God began his work in them, in the short time Paul was in Philippi. (See Acts 16:14-40). Most of their spiritual development took place without him because he left so abruptly. But Paul is confident in God.


Do we...

Jan 26, 2021

Yesterday, we touched on Mike's thoughts about "participation in the gospel" from Philippians 1:5. Do you actively participate in the gospel with the other believers in your place of business? Do you have any strategy for doing so? 


Mike defines ministry as helping others move one notch closer to Jesus. Do you pray...