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Dec 21, 2022

Have you ever had a strained relationship? Did you ever get reconciled?
So here's our definition of the ministry of reconciliation. God reconciled the world to himself. The way he did that was by not counting our sins against us. God is just. He can't forget our sin and remain who he is. He came up with a plan. Jesus would take the penalty for us.
And we would be trusted with the message of reconciliation. Every one of us who has been reconciled, has experienced that reconciliation and can pass it along. We can't give much when we haven't been given much. The more of our reconciliation we experience, the greater the likelihood God will use us in a service of reconciliation.
When we focus on doing the best for others, we begin the service of reconciliation. We must get where we can be outwardly focused all the time. And I don't think anyone can do that totally, but Jesus did. We'll be getting better at it for eternity. We can start practicing today. And we get joy, we walk in our eternal lives, when we learn to put others ahead of ourselves.
What a great topic at Christmas. Why not begin your ministry of reconciliation today. Join our Online Community at and help us improve as ministers of reconciliation.