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Follower of One : Missions For The Rest Of Us

A show for marketplace Christians to energize and encourage you to live out your faith every day, right where you are. Begin your day with Christ-centered ideas to share your joy with those around you. Add in weekly interviews with other like-minded Christians so you can share in their joy and learn how they make Jesus visible in their workplace every day.

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May 30, 2022

The Bible says we get to rest in Jesus. Do you take part in that rest? Hi, I'm Mike Henry Sr. with Follower of One. Thanks for joining me again today on the Follower of One podcast. I was reading this morning in my quiet time, Hebrews 4:1-2 jumped out at me. And I there's a phrase in verse two "United by faith." Let's take a look at this. " Therefore, let us fear if, while a promise remains of entering his rest, any one of you may seem to have come short of it. For indeed. We have had good news preached to us just as they also, but the word they heard did not profit them because it was not united by faith in those who heard." 

I'm concentrating on the phrase "united by faith." And this translation that I just read is the 1995 New American Standard. The phrase "United by faith" rings a bell in my life because I've heard a lot of preaching over the years. I've been a Christian over 30 years. And I hear the good news preach to me, but there are oftentimes when I operate outside of what I would consider the rest of trusting in Jesus. This particular passage, I believe he's talking about salvation. There's a believers rest. There's a rest, we're not working for our salvation anymore, but there's also a rest that I need. I need to trust my savior every day. I need to trust him as I live my life. And I can only trust him if I hear the word. And then it is united into my life by my faith. It's woven into the way I live. This word does not profit me when I don't unite it by my faith. And that's my comment and my thought for today,. 

I want to unite what I know about Christ with my daily life and my daily actions. And I do that by trusting him. By acting like what he said is true, by believing what he said, and then acting according to what he said. These are my challenges as a marketplace Christian every single day. Do I trust him and give a little more? Do I trust him and go the extra mile? Do I trust him and invest a few moments in the person next to me in the grocery store or at work or in the next cube?

Can I take a few minutes and rest in my own relationship with Christ such that I'm able to be a grace giver to the people that I interact with every day. You see, I believe that's our calling as Christ followers. We unite what we've heard by faith and it becomes woven into our lives. And that changed life becomes something that other people see. When we unite what we know by faith into our own lives, others get to experience Christ and they get to see that life following Jesus is different then every other form of life. Life following Jesus should make us different in everything that we do. And that's why I believe Jesus has called someone in just about every life situation. 

I have a friend who has cancer. I have friends who are undergoing difficult challenges. There are friends with financial problems and friends who have family issues going on. Each of us, we are not exempted from our situation, but we get to take what we know and unite it by faith into our lives and into our circumstances, and God puts us to work. Today, unite what you know by faith in Jesus Christ, weave it into your every day and let the rest of Jesus be seen by the people around you.

That's our job as marketplace ministers. Thank you for being a marketplace minister. And thank you for taking action today. Act by uniting your faith with your understanding of our faith, our relationship with Jesus, and make a difference in the lives of someone around you today. Thank you for what you do.

Thank you for being a marketplace minister. And if you'd like to be part of a community that wants to practice this on a daily basis, check us out at Thanks very much.