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Apr 28, 2022

Where do you limit God? Wouldn't it be great to break through some of the artificial limits that we put on God? Let's talk about that today.

Hi, I'm Mike Henry Sr with Follower of One. Thanks for joining me again today on the Follower of One Podcast.

Our verse for today is John 4:11 "the woman said to him, sir. You have nothing to draw water with and the well is deep." Where do you get that living water? I was reading from the English Standard Version of the Bible. And the woman at the well is asking Jesus about this living water that he just told her about. I wonder sometimes if we don't draw limitations around the promises of God, and we put our own circumstances, and our own experience in between us and what God promises. And I see that often. Now this is not a prosperity gospel kind of message. I'm not a prosperity gospel teacher, but I do believe that there are things that God calls us to. And we miss out on those because we fail to trust him. We fail to do the work. We fail to believe and take the effort and do those things.

He basically told her in verse 10, that if she'd asked him, he would give her living wall. She doesn't ask for the living water. She points out his limitation based on what she can see. And then she asks him for more information, where do you get this living water?

She's imposed her own limits on this interaction with Christ. And the reason why you even think about this is Oswald Chamber talks about this in a February version of My Utmost for His Highest in one of the later February messages. And it's always been something that I come back to because I put limits on Jesus. I think that he won't use me in my workplace. I think that my own finances or my own personal situation or my own time budget, keep me out of the things that Jesus calls me to. But here he's telling her that he would give her this living water if she simply asked what are the things that we know that we can be asking God for and working for, but we don't ask because we don't believe they will happen?

Often if we ask for things for ourselves, those won't be answered. But if we ask God to put us to work, if I ask God to use me in the lives of the people that are interact with, if I ask God to show me how I can be a blessing to someone today I may not see the answer just simply because I really don't believe it's there, or I'm not looking for it. But I do believe that if we ask God to show us how we can be a difference maker in someone else's life today, he will give us opportunities. He will happily answer that prayer. And that's what I want to challenge us to do today.

Let's not put limits on God in our workplace, in the interactions that we have with people today. Let's ask God to put us to work. Jesus here I am, would you please show me how I can act in someone else's life and prompt me to take action? Prompt me to do something different than I would normally do so that you can be glorified. I want to live my life a little closer to you and a little further away from me on a daily basis. That's what this lady did.

Thank you for being a Marketplace Minister. Thanks for considering that question today. If you pray that prayer, thank you for praying that prayer. Let's walk in the things that God calls us to do today and let him use us.

One challenge I will give you is we always have another marketplace mission trips starting. Head over to and create a profile and join us on the next marketplace mission. You will find ways to pay attention to how Jesus can use you in your everyday life. I promise. We've done 21 of these so far and over 500 people taking part. So please join us on the next one. And let's let God put us to work in his kingdom.

Thanks very much.