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A show for marketplace Christians to energize and encourage you to live out your faith every day, right where you are. Begin your day with Christ-centered ideas to share your joy with those around you. Add in weekly interviews with other like-minded Christians so you can share in their joy and learn how they make Jesus visible in their workplace every day.

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Sep 30, 2020

Mission Trip 2-3 - Listen Today, listen. Listen to the people you interact with. Ask a question. Ask to learn. When we listen to someone, we show the value we place on them. Time and attention are valuable. The time you spend listening to someone today may just make their day.


In the verse before this, James tells us we are the first fruits. We're the early harvest. Jesus saved us, but then he left us here so we might make a difference in the lives of others. Do you know how to make that difference when every person is different? No. That's why we need to listen.


We listen to God and then we listen to them. When you listen, others will open up. They'll tell you what's important to them. Listening is a ministry all by itself. And as you listen more, God will show you how to bless them. Your listening shows appreciation and it also informs your actions. You get in tune with Jesus, and you learn more about the other person all at the same time.


Yesterday, you made time by coming in early or staying late. Today, use some of that time to listen. Find someone who is not listened to very much and ask their thoughts on a business issue. Ask them what they think about something. Ask someone from a different background, or skin color or ethnic background to give you their thoughts on an issue and avoid stating your own. Ask God to use you and then listen to the next person you interact with.


Thanks for listening to this podcast and being a marketplace minister. And if you're part of this mission trip, please also comment about today in our private Facebook Group. Are you not on the trip? Then go to and sign up for the next one!