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Aug 31, 2020

Do we notice how God changes things? Sometimes in the name of conservatism or standing firm in our faith, we struggle to keep things the same. Even now, as I record this, many churches in my area are meeting together with social distancing. Others are meeting online. Church doesn't look much like it did when I was a kid.

Here, these Jewish leaders are trying to figure out what to do with Peter and John. They threw them in prison last night. Today, they were out in public teaching again. The guards don't know how they got out. They claim God told them to speak up. There are clearly many miracles happening around these two guys and their friends. The Jewish leaders were going to have them killed like they did with Jesus.

But Gamaliel spoke up. He's the one who makes this statement. If God is in this, nothing we do will stop it. And if God isn't in it, it will die. Wise words.

Paul the apostle was probably right there. He tells us later in acts that he was trained by Gamaliel. That would mean that if Gamaliel was doing something, so was Paul. Paul may have even told this story to Luke as they travelled together.

Can we look and see what God is doing? Look for him and trust him. He is at work. He is in charge. Nothing happens without his say-so. Let's watch and see how God uses us as we pray for, appreciate and serve others today.

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