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Nov 27, 2020

What do you expect will happen? We spend much trying to guess the future. We predict the weather and the election. As I record this, the election hasn't happened yet. But what do you expect will happen now that the US election is over. If you're elsewhere in the world, you probably don't even think about it. 


Paul was in prison. People reported to him that some others were preaching about Jesus and yesterday we talked about how Paul rejoiced that Jesus was being proclaimed. He moves from that into this verse explaining how he has banked his whole life on the truth of Scripture. And here, he says, he eagerly expects, or confidently expects that he will in no way be ashamed. Paul is looking forward to his hope being realized.


But it is still hope. God pulls back the curtain for us when we see him in creation and we experience his joy. But the curtian can get pretty tight and things can look pretty grim when you're in prison, or lockdown, or stuck where you can't do what you want. Can we eagerly expect? Do we have confidence as the NET bible says? 


Regardless of your circumstances, today, pray for someone else. Ask God to use you and then, when he gives you an idea, do what he says. Don't question it. Do you need to restore a family relationship? What about a relationship with a coworker? Can you invest a little of your precious time to glorify Jesus and do what he says? Ask Jesus to give you direction, and an eager expectation that you will experience his glory and his joy. 


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