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Mar 31, 2021

Mike talked about how this passage is something he feels unqualified to discuss. What's the difference between sinful anger and not-sinful anger? And how can we keep our anger in check? 


What is the object of your anger? Mike said he thought selfish anger was sinful. Remember sin is simply missing the mark, or coming up short of God's plan and expectations. We all miss the mark (Romans 3:23). But we don't have to. Can you contain your anger and limit your anger to injustices, primarily for others? We should be angry when we see sin in the world. When someone takes advantage of someone else, or when someone in power harms people under their authority. 


But all anger can be given to God. When we give it to him, and do it quickly, we cooperate with God. Our separation from God in anger doesn't fill us, nor is it an opportunity for the devil to drive a wedge into our life. Verse 27 literally says we give the devil a place when we harbor anger. We make room for him. 


Today, focus on giving God your anger. This is another way of putting off the old self and putting on the new one. And don't forget to check out the Marketplace Mission Trip. Our next trip begins April 11 with a kick-off call that afternoon. Learn more and sign up at